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Adorable images of newborn animals

2011-07-14 15:33:04

Thinking of tiger, bear or leopard, everyone will have a frightening feeling because of their power and fierceness. However, you must change your mind after admiring following images of adorable newborn animals. From lemurs, pandas, to hippos are given tender love and care because most of them are threatened to be extinction. The number of these rare animals has been decreasing so rapidly that something must be done before it is too late. In the pictures, you will have chance to see how newborn animals are being bred in zoos all over the world. Following lovely pictures are likely to bring an emotional tug to the most hardened heart.

This panda was born in San Diego Zoo

Emperor tamarin monkeys are being brushed on his fur

A Sumatran orangutan is carefully looked after because it is one of endangered species

The little hippo is small enough to bathe in a bowl

When growing up, tw... [more]

Visit Fuengirola Zoo

2011-07-14 15:33:04

Special places, special holidays

If you choose Andalusia and Costa del Sol as your holiday destination, make sure that you don't miss the Fuengirola Zoo. The zoo patiently waits for its visitors in the center of the town, where the employers have beautifully managed to recreate the natural habitat of hundreds of endangered species. It is children who especially love this place, but adults learn to love it too once they cross the zoo's doorstep.

How the zoo appeared

The history of the Fuengirola Zoo starts in the 1970s, when it was just an ordinary zoo, with a lot of necessities. Once 1998 came, Rain Forest took the control of the zoo and decided to transform it into just one ecosystem, a subtropical one, as the area covered by the zoo didn't permit a higher number of ecosystems. Their result is amazing: the natural habitat of hundreds of species from Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and even Southeastern Asia was so well recreated that they even have... [more]

Lemurs As Pets

2011-07-14 15:33:04

Many people, who want an exotic pet, think about adopting a lemur. However, since lemurs are endangered animals, it will be illegal. Also, the US has very strict laws governing the import of animals from foreign countries. This is primarily to restrict the diseases and epidemics that are not native to the US.
However, you can purchase lemurs from pet shops that breed lemurs in captivity. Make sure when selecting a lemur, you choose a male one. The males are not domineering like females and can be easily trained compared to a female.
There are many different species of lemurs. The smallest of them is the pygmy mouse lemur, while the largest is indri lemur weighing a massive fifteen pounds. However, the lemurs that most often make it as pets are mouse lemurs and ring tailed lemurs. The mouse lemur is between 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches in length.
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